Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't forget Old Navy's Clearance Sale

I know I blogged about this before, but Old Navy has marked down their clearance items an additional 50% off the already reduced prices. Plus, you can go to Old Navy Weekly & see if there are any hidden coupons left & use a coupon on top of the sale.

Why am I telling you this again? Because I went today with my 20% off entire purchase coupon from Old Navy Weekly & got my daughter 1 pair of jeans (I'm not sure I'm in love with these jeans, but for $5.20 how bad can they be?), 3 shirts, & 2 fabric holiday totes (10 cents each...why not buy them for next year?) for $11.28 including tax. You know you did well when the clerk says "Wow, you really know how to shop."

The clearance area is pretty picked over, but it is definitely worth your time to go see if you can find any deals.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Heather. I went to ON last night and bought 3 things for $85 or so. When I got home, I was poking around on the computer and remembered that you had posted a link for ON coupons! PERFECT! I realized that I could have saved $15! So I called them today to see if they would do a price adjustment. They won't. Boo. BUT, call me sneaky if you want. I'm just going to buy the same exact things WITH the coupon at the same store, or different one (hopefully on Thursday) - and later return the original ones I bought. Clearly it would be simpler to just make the price adjustment, but if they don't want to - I'll find my own way :).

  2. Oh heck yeah, I'd totally do the return & re-buy if they won't cooperate. I mean, what's it to the clerk? It's not like it's costing him/her anything. And Old Navy wouldn't put the coupons out there if they didn't want them redeemed. It's clearly an incentive to get people in the store. So yeah...go for it!


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