Sunday, January 17, 2010

TomTom GPS Sale

Amazon has a huge sale on TomTom units now through 1/23/10. One of the best deals I saw is the TomTom XXL 540S which features a 5 inch screen (that’s a huge screen for a portable unit!) & normally retails for $299.95 but is on sale for $166.91 with free shipping. Check out all the participating models here then add to your cart to see the price.


  1. I need a GPS but don't know much about them so don't know what features I am looking for. Do you have one? What is it that I "have to have" in the model I select?

  2. Well, I did buy one 2 years ago for my dad & I chose a TomTom for him. Some people love Garmin, some love'll find everyone has their favorite.

    If I were buying one I'd go for 3 things: 1) Size of the screen; I do think bigger is better in this case! 2) Text to Speech (TTS) is when the street names are said aloud & I think that is vital for safety (you can keep your eyes on the road if it says "turn right onto Cedar St" instead of just "turn right in 100 yards"). 3) How easy it is to update the maps.

  3. Heather- You are awesome! Thank you so much for you help. I will let you know what I find.

  4. No problem & if an extra unit makes it into your shopping cart for me, I wouldn't turn it down. (I kid, I kid!)


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