Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 Games for $3 or Less at Target

Update: My awesome reader Joy just told me that the $3/1 Target Hasbro coupon works on the Connect 4 game as well. She got it totally free using both coupons! Thanks for the tip, Joy!

Target has some great deals on board games this week! These are unbeatable prices, so buy them now & stash them away for the holidays, birthdays, heck, even a Toys For Tots donation.

Battleship $9
- $4/1 Hasbro Coupon
- $3/1 Target Hasbro Coupon
= $2

Monopoly $7
- $5/1 Hasbro Coupon
= $2

Connect 4 $7
- $4/1 Hasbro Coupon
= $3

Thanks to Clippin' With Carie for these coupon matchups.


  1. Heather,

    You can use the Target $3/1 Hasbro coupon on the Connect 4 game. I got one yesterday for free!!


  2. Love it! I'm gonna update the post. Thanks for the tip. Also, which Target did you go to & did they have any left? I don't want to run out if they were almost sold out, ya know?


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