Sunday, March 14, 2010

How $49.21 in Products Earned Me $2.22

I love Rite Aid. I Rite Aid. I went today & scored big time! I purchased all of the items pictured & after my Rite Aid coupons & MQs, I paid $12.77. I will receive $5 back from Rite Aid via the SCR (Single Check Rebate) program. I'll also get $9.99 back from Renpure after submitting a $3 rebate & a "try me free" rebate ($6.99).

So....after all the rebates come in, I will have gotten paid $2.22 to take home all of those items for free. Not too shabby. If you had a successful shopping trip recently, leave a comment & share the details with us!


  1. I can't make out all of the items, would appreciate a list...thanks for sharing.

  2. Sure, Carol! I got a bottle of Excedrin, a bottle of Renpure shampoo & a bottle of Renpure conditioner, 2 Almay foundations, Clorox wipes, & the Sunday paper. So the total of those items plus the tax would have been $49.21.

    I'm crossing my fingers about the Renpure rebates because I've submitted for them before. They don't say "one rebate per household" or anything, so I'm assuming I can still get them. They did take 4 months to come last time, so I suppose I'll just have to wait & see!


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