Sunday, March 28, 2010

$15.29 for $77.14 Worth of Products

Walgreens has some SCREAMIN' deals this week! I'll spare you the breakdown on how I did this, but I will say I did multiple transactions & used my RR to save 80%. Had I paid full price (HA!) I would have spent $77.14. Instead I spent $15.29. I'm pretty happy with that savings!

I got everything in this photo, plus a candy bar I ate while shopping. Also missing from the photo is the Butterfinger egg (like a Cadbury, but has Butterfinger inside), Wonka Runts mini eggs, Peeps, & a Lindt chocolate bunny. I had to hide those before I could take the photo!
If you had a great shopping trip at Walgreens or have any questions about my purchase, leave a comment!

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