Sunday, January 3, 2010

Eat from the Pantry Challenge Week 1

OK, so I'm thinking my husband & I may have been overly ambitious when we set our weekly budget. Normally we budget $150/week at Fred Meyer (where we do our grocery shopping) & $150/month at Costco. We try to stay below those numbers & typically do. But it didn't really occur to me how difficult it would be to reduce our weekly grocery budget by 2/3 & try to eliminate Costco altogether.

However, I think we did well for our shopping trip at Freddie's this week. Our total was $66.06. Of that total, $7.63 was for a new plastic storage box for Christmas ornaments, so I'm taking that out of the total, since the $50 budget was for food. That brings us down to $58.43. My husband & daughter added $10.14 in items I hadn't planned on. Had they not added those items into our cart, we would have been at $48.29!! I stocked up on Crystal Lite (yes, I know it isn't organic, but I'm addicted to it!) since they were $2.50 each. So, I'll be set on that for at least 2 weeks (hopefully 3), which means I won't have to spend any money out of my budget next time on that.

So, all in all I think we did pretty good. I'm still hoping to spend $200 total for the month. It seems daunting, but I'm up for the challenge!

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