Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bounty/Charmin Deal

OK, peeps.....I hope you took advantage of the Bounty/Charmin deal today like I did. In fact, I rolled the Catalina's & did the deal 3 times (although the 2nd & 3rd times I got 2 pks of Charmin). Here's how it broke down (after coupons & Catalina's):

12 rolls of Bounty: 61 cents per roll
120 rolls of Charmin: 16 cents per roll

And I have $10 left in Catalina's to spend at Safeway (I took that $10 off my total, so my per roll of Charmin would be 24 cents per roll if you don't subtract that last $10 Catalina). The eCoupons did not come off, but per my phone conversation with P&G today, I'll call them tomorrow & just have them mail me the $6.

Is that a good deal? Let's put it into perspective: At Costco, you'll pay 49 cents per roll for the Kirkland Brand toilet paper & 63 cents per roll for the Charmin. So yeah....this was a good deal!

We now have enough toilet paper to last us 8-9 months. This is the beauty of stock piling. Buy it when it's cheap, people!

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